Is the Herman Miller Embody worth its price?

Perhaps you have heard of the Herman Miller Embody before. Herman Miller, a well-known office chair manufacturer, launched this chair around 2008, and it has been a subject of much debate. Nonetheless, AllAboutChairs named this chair the best ergonomic office chair, and Gizmodo called it the best chair they’ve ever sat on. It may be clear that the design is great, but the question remains: Is the Herman Miller Embody worth its price?

According to the Herman Miller website, the Embody is the result of a creative process, aimed at harmonizing people and their technologies. The idea was to not only create a chair that would minimize negative effects, but also create positive effects when sitting on it. While that may be overstating it, it is clear that a lot of thought went into this chair. It has a rather unique design, with a backrest that looks like it came straight from a sci-fi movie. Whether the design fits your style is something you will have to decide for yourself. But we found that a lot of attention has been paid to the chair’s looks, including its fabric and all knobs and small parts. That is definitely something you pay for, but we also expect that this makes the chair more durable. Nonetheless, if you want to use this chair in a formal office setting, it might be wise to pick the fully black version of the best office chair – the bright colored versions that are often used to advertise the chair do not necessarily fit the office of, say, a Wallstreet banker.

It is clear that a large part of the effort of making this chair went into its design. However, aesthetics alone does not justify the more than $1000 dollars you spend when taking the Embody home with you. So what does? Well, the seat is made up of four layers, which does not only redistribute your weight, but also provides heat relief and is incredibly comfortable. And while that feels great, the most pleasure from best ergonomic office chair can be found in its backrest. The backrest supports your back well, however you bend it. It seamlessly adjusts to your posture, and provides lumbar support wherever and whenever needed. This is the case providing that you have made all the necessary adjustments, so that the chair truly fits your body’s length, weight, and your preferred posture. But with the elaborate range of knobs and levers you can use, this is not an issue.

So, did we answer our question? As is with almost all questions, the answer is: it depends. Sure, the Herman Miller Embody is an awesome chair, with an equally grand price. If you like the Embody’s design and if you’re planning to use this chair for at least 8 hours a day for the coming 10 years, then perhaps this chair is indeed worth its price; the Embody certainly feels like a throne. And suppose that your company can pay for the chair in the name of increasing worker productivity, all the better. However, if you just want a best office chair, there are plenty of office chairs out there that are ergonomically sound and leave you in better financial shape. In short, we are of the opinion that the Herman Miller Embody is generally not worth its price, but in some cases, an exception should be made.